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Drink Beer Do Good

The concept is simple. We partner up with breweries across the United States and make sandwiches for local homeless shelters. To date, we've made over 10k sandwiches.

If you're looking to meet some like-minded folks, drink some beer and do some good, you should join us or host an event.

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We're always looking for Drink Beer Do Good hosts to put on events across the country. Hosting a successful event is a team effort. We’ll help with the logistics, but we're gonna need you to put in some work.

    How did you hear about us?

    We're always looking for Drink Beer Do Good sponsors too.

      How did you hear about us?
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      Hosting FAQs
      Why sandwiches?

      A lot of shelters are in need of quick and easy handouts for folks visiting. Sandwiches offer a great way to give back to shelters in need and save them money at the same time.

      Does it cost money?

      Yes. Event-goers are required to purchase a ticket for $15-20 depending on their location. This cost covers supplies, a beverage, and a small administrative fee.

      What if less than 10 people sign up?

      In order for us to cover costs, we require hosts to commit to at least 10 sign-ups. We implemented this to ensure an impactful event.

      Do I have to pick up the supplies?

      This depends on your location. We typically use Walmart pickup or Instacart to get you the supplies. All ordering is handled by us.

      Do hosts have to pay anything?

      Depending on the brewery, we might ask you to expense the first round of drinks. Send us a photo of the receipt, and we'll Venmo you the money right away. #technology

      How do I know what to do at the event?

      We won't leave you hanging. You'll receive a detailed PDF addressing everything you need to know.

      How does the non-profit get the sandwiches?

      Typically, you can drop them off after the event or the next day. We'll let you know based on the non-profit schedule.

      Have Fun Do Good Logo
      Have Fun Do Good Logo