How this whole thing started...

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The Open Road

Our Story

Have Fun Do Good is a wink at one glorious summer in 2015. Whilst road tripping along the East Coast, we made a beautiful discovery. Building volunteer projects into our journey left us deeply satisfied and motivated to transform the travel industry.

And, for the better part of six years, we’ve obsessively tinkered with the fusion of travel + volunteerism + accessibility.

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The Story So Far

Humble Beginnings
Have Fun, Do Good?

Today, our mission has blossomed into providing adventure seekers with a vacation that leaves them feelin’ GOOD long after we’ve landed.

Sprinkle in a splash of craft beer, a dash of kick-ass scenery, shaken and stirred with a natural sense of accomplishment, and you’ve got a signature HFDG trip.

Now more than ever, we can all benefit from having some damn fun and doing a bit of good in the world while we’re at it.

The Good Old Days
How it Started
The First Trip Ever

Our first official trip to Zion National Park came together in 2016. Honestly, we weren’t even thinking about ourselves as a travel tour company yet.

But people dug it. So much so, they shared it with friends.

They asked for more. Who are we not to give it to ‘em?

Dream Realized
How it's going

Forty-six trips down and counting. Two countries. Twelve cities. Dozens of communities served. Many laughs. Countless brews. More coffees. Hundreds of folks having fun, doing good, and making lifelong friendships.

To the road ahead
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Say Hey

Meet the
Adam Kunes
Founder / Guide

Adam incorporates his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for service into everything he does. Adam participated in Semester at Sea during college; a 100-day cruise around the world. This experience opened Adam’s eyes to the world and shaped his views on what it means to truly give to others. His participation in many service-oriented trips both during Semester at Sea and at home inspired the concept for HFDG. Adam hopes his efforts will allow others to realize the opportunities to volunteer are endless and that service can be fun. When he’s not having fun and doing good, Adam enjoys all things outdoors.

What a crew
Ben Petchel
Co-founder / Guide

Ben Petchel, a Pittsburgh native was always fascinated with the camera. The 4-year, scholarship lacrosse player and art major at Seton Hill knew he’d end up becoming a photographer. Ben photographs for companies such as Luxe Creative, Creatives Drink, The Tribune Review, WHIRL magazine, and Carnegie Mellon University. Giving back is extremely important to Ben. He travels nationally and internationally with Have Fun Do Good where he leads and documents immersive travel experiences. In his spare time, Ben enjoys paddle boarding, the ocean and floating on tubes.

Anna Poiarkoff
Good Getter

Anna is a helper by profession, an explorer by nature and an overall lover of life. She grew up in smalltown-boondocks, Ohio. Her thirst for adventure started at a young age when her father would take her comet hunting in the middle of the night and it has only progressed from there. Anna has a knack for making new friends, an insatiable appetite for tacos and a small mission to change the world. Anna currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where she is a licensed social worker. She doesn’t always have fun but when she does, she does good.

Have Fun Do Good Logo
Have Fun Do Good Logo