5 Ways to Live in the Moment Now

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Living in the moment sounds great, right? Sign us up! But, how do we actually do it?

To start, you gotta develop a healthy relationship with the past and future. Sure, we’re gonna think about them, but to truly enjoy the moment, it’s important to focus on ‘the now.’

Here are a few ways to focus on ‘the now.’

Travel more

How often do you pause throughout the day and take in your surroundings? Probably not a whole lot. Travel has a weird way of forcing you to ‘take it all in.’ Book that next trip (hopefully with us).

Focus on one thing

Multitasking is good and well, but it doesn’t do a whole lot for living in the moment. Try giving one thing all of your attention this week. Research shows that full focus allows for stronger memory recall.

Appreciate what you have

It’s easy to get fixated on what you don’t have. Instead, start appreciating the things you do have. Making a list of things you’re grateful for is always a good start.

Disconnect from Social Media

Social media is a major time-suck that doesn’t provide a whole lot of value. Hit the pause button on the swipes and try to read 10 pages or more of a book every day.

Hang out with good people

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” There’s a lot of truth to this popular Jim Rohn quote. If your circle of influence is bringing you down rather than building you up, it’s time to find a new crew. Living in the moment with negative people is nearly impossible.


Ok, take a deep breath and start living in the moment. 🤘

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